In Autoescola Minorisa we offer an easy and affordable way to learn to drive. Our motivation is to help you become the best driver you can be. Therefore:

  • We make it easy! With our method of intensive courses and practical lessons that will help you, step by step to get your driving license.
  • We use the most innovative technological means to make your learning simple and effective.
  • We apply low cost philosophy. We’ve removed all the unnecessary steps and expenses to make everything as simple and economical as possible.
  • We place special emphasis on safety. An implicit and fundamental element of our method. We care for you to be a good driver.
  • We are right in the center of Manresa. From our training center or online, we are always at your side, to help you achieve your goal.

Our way of being, responsible, cheerful, different and close, has led us to a high level of success, both in the results of our students and in their experience at the driving school.

The theory

In Minorisa we recognize that each student has different preferences when it comes to study. As we know that we are not all equal, we have created a method that combines classroom training and technology, to help you study the easiest and most flexible way.

  • Our ongoing intensive courses allow you to study the lessons quickly and effectively, but without the pressure of having to complete it within a certain time. We have removed the time limits so as you can study freely at your rhythm with no extra constraints.
  • You will have all the technological means to reinforce learning:
  1. Computers in the classroom with the most updated exam tests.
  2. On-line tests to do from home through our website or from your mobile.
  3. Virtual classes online.

Experience tells us that if you follow our advice, we can guarantee a very high success rate on first call. Our motivation is that you become a good driver and therefore we will follow through your progress, to make sure you assimilate all the concepts, and are well prepared to pass the exam.

The practical lessons

We love to drive! So we do everything possible so that you too enjoy your apprenticeship. Driving a MINI Countryman, you’ll always have the same teacher to ensure he knows perfectly your evolution.

You can arrange the schedule that best suits you for the driving lessons, and if you want it we will send alerts to your mobile phone to make sure you don’t miss a lesson.

Driving lessons begin and end at the driving school in central Manresa, so you can make the most of your time. Lessons are one hour long.

As we want to make it easy, you can buy one driving lesson at a time, or take advantage of our Low Cost Packs. The limit is up to you. We will advise you to make sure you have the appropriate level to go well prepared for the driving exam.

We will focus on driving safety and efficient driving, because we not only want you to be prepared, but to become the best driver you can be!

Autoescola Minorisa. We Love to drive!